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I have the mid-height screen. The bike I demoed came with the Roadster, which buffeted unacceptably. They swapped the big screen out for the shorty screen and I felt that it buffeted exactly the same as the big one. The salesman told me that he hated the Roadster but loved the mid, and being about my size he assured me that I would love it too. So they traded the Roadster screen off of the SE that I bought and replaced it with the mid-sized screen. It buffeted the same as the others.

In searching the internet for a solution or to see if others had the same problem I came across I joined the conversation in this thread.

There is a lot of good information here regarding people's experiences with windshields as well as some good theoretical information as to what causes and what fixes buffeting. As you will see, I came up with a solution that works about 90% for me.

I'm still pissed that the bike makers aren't making any attempt to address this. In the 21st century it is inescusable that we are still suffering from this problem.
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