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Originally Posted by BullClark View Post
Is anyone having a problem wth noise from the final drive belt and sprocket area ? At about 25 MPH there is a definite " whomp , whomp whomp " noise. The dealer can't fix it and says the two other T'Birds he has on the showroom will make the same sounds. He wants me to just live with it but that is not going to happen. Only 446 miles on it .
Whomping noise is usually associated with tires. The fastest and least expensive test (if you can get the drive wheel off the ground and rotate it) is to mark the tire with chalk, with your hands at a 90 degree angle to the tire, turn the wheel hand over hand squeezing the tire with each hand no harder than you would squeeze the clutch. Your looking for a soft spot. It could be an air bubble between the carcass (belts) and the tread section.

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