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Angry Belt Chirp

I'm hoping I can resuscitate this old thread regarding belt noise on the Thunderbird.

I have a 2010 Thunderbird 1700. I love this bike. A couple of problems, but you can get that with any bike. I had the sticky speedo which Triumph replaced.

Along with that issue, I've always had noise in the drive belt. It's a chirp. About the only way to describe it.

I've had the chirping noise since about 500 miles in on the bike. It's never been so bad that it scares me, but it's bad enough to concern me. My dealer has "fixed" it twice now and I have it slated to go in for a 3rd time next Wednesday.

The mess usually starts with a barely perceptible chirp when slowing down in 1st, 2nd or 3rd gear. Almost a squeak, but definitely not brake noise and always in the side with the belt.

Over the next couple hundred miles, the chirp gets steadily worse until you hear it under any/all deceleration in any gear. Does not chirp if you pull the clutch lever and coast. So, it's not a vibrating piece in the exhaust or something like that.

Eventually, it will get to the point that it chirps under acceleration. The last couple of times, I've waited to this point to take it to my dealer. I'm not waiting that long this time.

I've read all the posts about tire alignment, belt tension, belt position on pulley, etc. But, even after having that checked by the dealer and then verifying it myself, this problem keeps coming back.

This last time, I was told that they might have to replace the belt. But, if they do that, they will charge me because it's not a warranty item.

I didn't like that. I understand the belt being a wear and tear item, but the noise has been there since nearly day 1 and I don't think I should have to pay to replace it if it turns out to have been the problem all along.

Has anyone else had this experience? Not being able to completely clear out the noise? Is it something I'm just going to have to live with?

Is it DANGEROUS at all?

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