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Originally Posted by Lantesh View Post
Personally I don't get what the big deal is with the "flat black" look. It's just another color choice that happens to be the "in style" look at the moment. It looks no better or no worse than the standard chrome look. Why is everyone drooling over it so much?
I get it...tastes vary wildly. But like you i don't care much for it. Mainly because there are a few black parts that to my eye look wrong being black. Among those would be the lower fork legs, the triple clamps, blinkers, rear fender rail, shocks, wheels....heck i guess you could say the only things i feel look right being black are the engine tank and fenders ! The rest just looks cheap to me like someone painted it with a $2 can of OHS BBQ paint. But as i said tastes vary and there are a lot of people who love that, possibly more than those of us who like the chrome look. I have chrome triple clamps, handlebar controls and levers, fork legs and several other things. And i'm planning on the chrome pulley next time i change the rear tire. IMO chrome makes a bike look like show quality while black makes them look like one of the big 4.
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