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me story LOL

Hey peeps
thought id firstly introduce here goes
the names Jonno, i live in Sydney Australia, started off riding roadies since the tender age of 16 when i got my first bike...the almighty Suzuki GN250 :P
upgraded from that to a RZ250 then proceeded to blow the engine in her so swapped the engine for a 350 then blew her up...again so ended up thinking F#$% it and this time worked her off her titties (custom pipes, reeds, bored to 66mm & stroke 4mm over so nowdays she is around abouts a 392) n now just need sum rego n shes good to go

had a couple of trailys in between namely KX65, KX100, Husqvarna WR360 (as u can tell i luv my 2 smokers) a couple of ****ty china bikes, postie etc. etc.

next bike i owned was a suzuki GSX750F which is where i learned how to whoolie a bike...then threw her up the road a couple of times, fixed it then threw it up the road again LOL only broke my pinkie on this occasion, so that was the end of that LOL

then i finally got the bike i always wanted, a Triumph Street Triple, put a cage one her, 12 bar, suspension mods etc. then oneday i woke up in hospital with a neck broken in 2 places...still can walk...PHEWWWW but been livin off up n go's & painkillers since LMAO (if ya cant laugh bout these things then ur in trouble) but the funny thing is i wasnt even doing my usual hoon activity when this happened was on the way home from work n a taxi cut me off so they tell me (actually dont remember a thing but wat do ya do...)

ok so that me in a nutshell, wat ive signed up for is to get some pointers on getting my trumpy back on the road as the front end needs replacment and i want to know if any other bikes front ends will suit but ill start up another thread for that one

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