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Red face Hi From Melbourne

I'm a new member of the Rocket 3 variety, been on rockets for about 14 months, averaging just under 2,000km per month at the moment, but that's probably going to settle to about 1,500. It's high because I commute on my rockets rain or shine. First with a 2007 and then I bought the first 2010 Roadster in Australia and have been riding that since early January last year. Love em.

Thinking about buying a Tiger 800 or 800xc when they are available (March) as a commuter / small bike, although the Street is still smaller. The adventure bikes are a hoot to ride and take rain and lack of washing better than a Rocket, or at least I don't feel bad when the "next day rain" happens after a wash. Of course I like all the stares I get on the Rocket, but I have to dial back some of the aggressive lane splitting due to the sheer size of it, and that's the second reason for a smaller commuter, traffic avoidance.

I love triples and I love the way Triumph tunes the intake growl -- the street is like a ferrari when you open it at over 1/3rd revs -- just amazing. The Speed (1050) also does it, when I ride a Speed I always find myself "bouncing" past people on the highway, sounding like "wohm, WOHM, WOOOOHM" with the whole bike just prancing and rocketing ahead. (the Rocket does it too, they all do!) If the 800 maintains that feel and ear-gasm I doubt I will be able to resist.

I also am a lurker by nature, but will try to post or reply. I do have a fairly condensed but passionate exposure to the Rocket and am interested in many things related to bikes. If anyone reads these poses, my current areas of questions that I could use your pointers on include:

1) bike communications/ sound systems: I'm currently on my second StarCom1 system + Garmin Zumo which seems to work well but I have some issues with it, always looking for the next bog thing.

2) bike lifts for the Rocket and others: I saw certain large blue lift which is shown holding up an R3 and a Goldwing over a metre up, but the Aussie distributor is abusing us in price terms and I haven't been able to pay that highway robbery, so I'm looking for a lift like that for easing my back and knee issues with cleaning the wheels, general detailing, and just tinkering as we do...

3) Customisations for the body/paint/lighting in Melbourne and surrounds -- and pics of anyone's Rocket if they've tricked it up -- I don't want freaky, just e.g., LED lighting to replace globes, and maybe some tail cleanup and other customisations.

4) Tyres: I have had a couple misses on getting ME880's easily in town, nothing drastic bu it's made me have to go to completely new places to get my tyres changed -- wondering if there's an upgraded path to a different brand (I am not looking for cheap tyres, just more available and upgraded ones from the Metzlers if any such exist)

5) Power Commander / Tune Boy, dyno tune: I wonder if anyone locally or otherwise has real experiences with this that they would share. I have kept my rockets stock but am considering the custom tune route just for getting the bike dialed in better and getting the "free" performance from it that is hiding in there. I am already occasionally drifting and lifting the front wheel a bit so I don't think there is a shortage of power but I want to have a reading on fuel economy vs grunt and also possibly consider removing the cat or something to slightly enhance the tone without making it annoying. That seems to point me to a tune chip type of thing too.

6) has anyone succeeded in putting the old style foot gear onto a Roadster yet?

7) I could go on but that's the top ones that come to mind.

cheers all and see you inside,
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