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Sup guys. Been lurking awhile...

So I've been lurking here since....i don't know about june 25th.

I bought that bike, and let her ride it.

About two months ago she dumped me, so I took the bike back.

Anyway it's mine, and i've been riding the hell out of it, mainly because my Buell needed new shoes.

Now that it's getting ugly outside and I am going to strip the old girl down and fix some things that have been buggin me.

Like find the drip drip drip of oil that's spotting the floor in my brand new shop.
I'm going to put some 'glass on the fairings where they are cracked and do a repair job on them.
Maybe a proper repair on the front fairing stay. Previous owner liked to stunt, so all the impacts of dropping the front back on the ground cracked the front fairing stay. It's patched right now with a piece of aluminum. Does anyone know if that part is magnesium or aluminum?
Just a few more little things, like figuring out why the hell the low beams don't work.

I love the bike, it's faster than crap. I do have to say that my Buell handles better though, but it's a lot more cramped to ride. I feel a lot more relaxed on the Daytona.

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