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Greetings from Sweden.. New 955i CE owner

Hello Triumph Heads!

My name is Mike Billett, I come originally from Bath in the UK, moved to Sweden in 1992 and been here on and off since then.

After completing my C&G in motor vehicle, I started working on the World Rally Championship and for a company that built competition engines in Calne Wiltshire. (Nelson Engines).
I started modifying cylinder heads there in 1983 and am still doing them, but now from home and only as a hobby... about one head a month is enough to keep my hand in.
Built dozens of MG Metro 6R4 rally cars during the crazy Group B rally days.
Spent a few years working at Saab both in production and at the technical development centre, as mechanic and high speed test driver.
Worked at M-Sport building Ford Focus for Colin McRae in 1999, but only for a few months as I found Malcolm Wilson incredibly irritating...!
Worked as a racing school instructor in the USA for a year.
Developed the cylinder heads for Per Eklunds 800+bhp project in Saab 93 Pikes Peak winning car, also helped to build the car..
My company ran a Porsche Endurance Racing Team for 4 years.
10 years at Volvo Aero corporation working with R&D and prototype jet engines.
Recently got lured back to Saab Automobile, where I now find myself as Technical Support for the UK dealers.

Privately, I used to like riding mountainbikes, but am getting too fat and lazy for that now... Snowboarding in the winter and playing the drums when nobody else is at home!
Have done a lot of rallying as a co-driver, a lot of testing as a driver, a fair bit of racing in Single seaters (Formula Ford 2000) and Porsche Endurance Racing.

I have always loved bikes, but lost 3 friends in quick succession in 1984... when we all blatted around knowing nothing with our L-plates flapping....following a crash of my own, where I was lucky to survive, I decided to stick with cars instead of killing myself, promised I would get a bike again when I was old fat and forty!

So a reborn biker...

First proper bike was an Africa Twin, good for re-learning and taking my test on.
Had an ex-police BMW R80 which I built a show winning cafe racer from and sold on quickly to fund....
A '69 Norton Commando cafe racer project which I hope to have running in 3-5 years time..
Ran a Honda VFR750F (lovely sound) for a season and had my first taste of track riding on a bike with that this year, definately wanted more, more track days, more tyres and more grunt. (Plus it felt wrong redlining a 24 year old bike!)
Dream Bike was always a T595 which when I first saw it one stopped me in my tracks...
10 years later I finally settled on a Daytona 955i CE which I bought off ebay in the UK this summer and rode back to sweden.
Whilst I prefer the styling of the Pre-2002 Daytonas... I was unable to resist the Aston (British Racing) Green Colour... (My Company is called "Racing Green Motorsports").

Bikes scare me, and whilst I have a fairly good idea of what cars do on the limit.... I am still new to bikes and will need another 20 years to feel comfortable...

But track days are an addiction... Brave on the brakes... but a coward on the throttle....

A long introduction....

Take it easy out there...

Mike aka Conkers!

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