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Welcome to Triumphs and bikes in general

Hi Porkchop,

I was trolling the forums and for once I actually remembered my password so was logged in. Saw your post so thought I'd say hi. Motorcycles in general are great and Triumphs are the cream. Best of luck getting your bike ship shape.

A few things about the 600. You probably noticed it has a extra cylinder. Very untriumph like. That's why they don't make 4 cylinder bikes anymore - they weren't accepted. Kind of like the black sheep of the family. A bit like being a motorcyclist......

But they were still good. As were the early Hinkley (where they make Triumphs in England) 1200s. I heard a 600 with a 4 into 1 at the local cafe a few months ago and I have to say it was one of the best sounding bikes I've heard. And they don't just sound great. Sweet predictable handling and good brakes. I think race schools and rider training schools used them a bit as the training bikes. They didn't cut it against the Yamaha R6 etc so they weren't popular with the fast riders either.

Lucky you. Of all the Triumphs they are the best priced and parts too probably. I've owned 3 Triumphs since 1997 and I now ride a 2009 Bonnie. This is my first new bike since 1982 so it's a keeper - to the grave so to speak. And that's what makes Triumph special. I recon you don't just have a bike - you have a relationship with your bike. mmmm I seem to be going off on a tangent

Best of luck with your Triumph Brother.
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