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It could be worse; you could live in Ohio! I know, we are supposed to be used to it, but our summer was as hot as yours this year, so I'm not used to it yet, lol! My parents live in Florida so I've heard quite a bit recently on the cold there.

I have a 2003 Sprint ST, which is very similar to your bike other than a slight engine change that came in 2002. As far as a street bike goes, I feel it's perfect for me. It's comfortable, especially with bar risers or the LSL bar kit. The engine is about the most fun you can have on 2 wheels with the torque kicking in the moment you twist the throttle. No need whatsoever to have to run it up to the top of the powerband to get anywhere. If yours will have luggage you will be able to fit your helmet in the side panniers, which is a great place to put it so it doesn't fall off. I would expect you will be happy with the bike. Enjoy your new ride!
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