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Advice desperately needed!!!

Hi everybody my name is Patrick but known as "Pappy" I am the proud owner of the ONLY Triumph Bonneville T100 in the Falklands.
Boy does she turn heads!! I am flying her to Southern Chile in May'ish
next year to do a South American tour for a couple of months over our
winter. But I am becoming a little concerned because lately she has started to play silly buggers with me. After running for 20 minutes or so she starts to run a bit rough,then on 1 cylinder,backfires a bit and stops. She then won't start for a while and then suddenly away we go again just to repeat it all,BUT! not every time I run her. It's got me baffled,sounds and feels like starvation but all's clean inside. Could it be electrical? I recently fitted a lockable fuel cap,and a Scottoiler which I tapped into one intake. Could the new(Triumph)cap possibly not be letting enough air in and/or has the oiler upset carb balance? One thing you Great Guys out there must understand is that here in the Falklands there are no m/cycle mechanics or dealers at all so there is absolutely nobody to ask for advice over a beer, especially when you own the only REAL bike in the country. I do have more queries but they can wait, thanks everyone, cheers, Falklander.
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