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Tiger 800 Ordered!

Hello All,

I'm a new member from Montreal Canada and a week ago I pre-ordered a new Tiger 800... and then went looking for a board to hang out on and chat about it.

My dealer expects (hopes!!) that he'll have the bike by mid-April. Our season here starts on March 15th (weather permitting) because that's the date the mandatory snow tire law finishes.

The Tiger 800 will be the 7th bike of my life and I currently have a 2011 BMW K1300GT Exclusive Edition which I absolutely positively love.

But I need/want a smaller, lighter and more maneuverable bike for my daily commute which involves mostly highway riding. Near my work they are just starting some pretty major road construction which is supposed to last for over 2 years and even now before it's really started, the rush hour traffic is horrendous. I've found a little short cut that can easily save me 20 to 30 minutes of sitting in traffic on my way home.

I go to a certain road and pull into a driveway to a company parking lot. I stop the bike, dismount and believe it or not, push it along the sidewalk for about half a city block and over some railroad tracks via a pedestrian crossing. I've tried doing this with my K1300GT but it's really tough as the bike is so large and heavy. And then on the other side of the crossing I've got to move quite a ways down the opposite sidewalk before getting to a place low enough that I don't scrape the bike descending the sidewalk.

The Tiger 800 is going to make this MUCH easier. And besides, there's going to be gravel and dirt sections to go through the construction areas and my BMW just isn't cut out for that.

I'm getting the Tiger 800 (not the XC) with the low seat and that should be just about right for me (short legs).

I'm also getting ABS, side panniers and a few other goodies which I can't remember at the moment... front beak, GPS mount, extra power outlet, larger and adjustable windshield, etc.

It'll be my first ever Triumph and I'm really excited about it. Can't wait for spring!

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