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Originally Posted by rgoldberg View Post
New owner of a used Triumph dropping in to say hello!
I've been riding for 20 years and I've wanted a Triumph since i was 15. Finally got a 05 America a few months back.

I'm in the panhandle of Florida and if you are too you'll see me on I-10 daily between Mile Marker 17 and 56!


Welcome Ryan - I'm in the Florida panhandle area to - in Niceville, 10 minutes from Destin - I'll keep an eye out for you on I-10, but I rarely get on the interstate - I prefer the back country highways around here - There's a group of Triumph riders supposedly in the area - maybe we can hook up some time and ride with them - I plan on making a trip over to D & D - (the Triumph dealer ) in Pensacola in a couple of weeks and try and find out more about that group.

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