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Originally Posted by AirMark View Post
Hi everyone,

After riding the 2007 Bonneville on 50 plus mile trips, I have discovered that I am not as young as I used to be. I enjoyed the ride but I always had some mild neck and back stiffness.

I thought maybe I needed a cruiser. I am happy to report I have purchased a new 2010 Speedmaster a few weeks ago. I really like this bike and the comfort of the ride. I have searched the archives on RAT and can't wait to start adding the accesorries others have to my bike. Thanks for a great forum.

Mark Peterson
Hello Mark - welcome back to the Triumph family - sounds like you and I are in the same boat ( bike ) -- after going over 30 years without one and dreaming of another bike since - I finally got a 2004 Speedmaster a month ago - took me a few days to adjust back to the saddle, but everyday it's feeling more and more natural - the biggest thing was the wind factor - I never remember wind bothering me one bit back in the day - BUT back in the day I was a teenager riding a Bonneville 650 -- fast forward to now - I'm 56 and the wind when I got up to 60 and higher was beating me to death and I felt like I had to have a death grip on the grips to keep from getting blown off - I bought a Dart Fly Screen and put it on yesterday - WOW - what a difference - the wind still pounds me on the head and face, but that's ok - from my neck down - it's pretty darn calm - and I feel a lot more relaxed and at ease !

Enjoy that new Speedmaster - be prepared for lots of looks and comments - I just went for a short ride - stopped to get some coffee at a store - a guy around my age sat and stared at the bike and finally asked if he could take a picture with his camera phone - said the usual " Didn't know they still made Triumphs " - his next stop according to him was the Triumph dealership to check out getting one !

Looks as if you're in South Alabama - I'm in LA ( Lower Alabama ) - the Florida panhandle just outside of Destin - there's a great Triumph Dealer in Pensacola - D & D - in case there's not one where you are !

04 Speedmaster and 2000 Honda Valkyrie

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