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belatedly: "awesome" indeed

Oh man, dogtired, that is indeed awesome. [I wish I cold come up with a more original word right now.] I'm thinking of posting that in my garage...

As for my update on everything generally, I'm going to put off the titling questions. I'm not worried, really, since I do have a title (and have even had luck getting titles for untitled vehicles) and, in any event, the absolute worst case scenario is that I end up selling parts (probably ultimately for profit). In the meantime I'll do what I can to learn some stuff.

To that end, and once I found out how to verify oil (thanks lots Dave), I went ahead and started it. It actually started okay - particularly in light of the absence of a centerstand (more on that later). The thing is, though it started easily enough (4 or 5 kicks), I couldn't tell if it was really loud with the shorty mufflers or if it was revving way too high. (The tach's broken...) It sounded and felt like the slides were stuck open. I twisted the throttle, and it did increase engine speed and would go back to 'normal' when I closed the throttle handle, but it didn't sound right. So I shut it down pretty quickly. And decided to get into the carbs, and start removing sellable parts....

Step one:

I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be easier to visually differentiate between gasoline and guiness. I was surprised it started; and happy to have some new parts cleaner.

Step two:

Hmmm. I was actually expecting worse. Gonna have to do some more gas tank research: soak it vinegar, phosphoric acid, oxalic acid; electrolysis; radiator shop dip tank? I've actually got a second tank on the way, which I know isn't perfect either, so I'll wait a bit on any decisions here.

Step three:

Chromed rear fender off, en route to ebay - lots of mismatched hardware but, fortunately, none of it particularly rusted and almost all the threads still functional.

Big picture:

Seat, tank, fender(s), air filters, carburetors, side covers and several yards of black tape all removed. This looks like progress to me.

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