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Thanks, a lot, everybody.

To Neil - yes, I suppose I'd rather sound dumb not knowing that was just a primary cover than have a more expensive thing to repair. I've seen others on ebay that seem to have repairs in about that spot - how does that happen? Is it the primary chain letting go? Laying it down on its left side so that the foot peg pokes a hole? I'll put it off for the time being... Unless you think it ought to be more of a priority.

To Toxic - - money. money money money. I guess my Honda got to be too cheap. Or at least, investing in it didn't seem to have quite the payoff. I'm aiming to have this on the road for under $3,000 total (including purchase, missing parts, outsourced labor, tags and insurance). A dreamworld? Perhaps. But I'll hold on to your advice about those memories fading once you're on the road...

To Steve - Thanks for the pointer on the front hub; I wouldn't have thought of that. Your two points are related, actually, as I'm in a bit of a State-of-Ohio bind: the state won't issue a new title without physically inspecting the vehicle to verify that the vin matches the old paperwork - and I don't have a truck, so I'd have to go to motor vehicles to get a temporary tag that would allow me to drive the motorcycle to an inspection center... That's my understanding, anyway. So as much as I want to get the new title asap, I'm not sure that I'm ready to take the risk of running it across town without doing a bit of work... like to the bearings and brakes.

But that leads me to another question, and it'll make me sound dumb but I'd rather not risk it - there's no dip stick in the oil tank. How can I check the oil to make sure it's safe to get it started?
- Justin
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