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a 71 Bonneville to un-customize...

There's a bit of good mixed in with the bad when you buy complete bikes on ebay - like this one, that was 5 hours away... I bought it without seeing it in person, without having had to learn how to assess things and, most importantly, without having had to muster the energy to negotiate. The bad parts, of course, are that I have to take someone's word for it that it runs, and runs fine...

The 'facts', such as they are, are that the title I've got is the original Michigan title, issued 1971, miles 0. I don't know when it was last licensed, since I bought it from a guy who was just doing the ebay thing, but the odometer reads ~5,500.

First things first:

It wouldn't go up on its centerstand, as it leaned way to the right with both feet on the ground. How could this get bent? Maybe somebody got sloppy with a floor jack? The brackets on the frame look square, but I'm not quite sure how to check. I'm hoping I can figure something out here (bend it back straight?), and not need to get a new centerstand. But once I can get it off the ground...

Some obvious stuff—I need a front fender and want normaler mufflers and bars. There's also a whole lot more chrome here than I'm comfortable driving around. Someone chromed the side covers and lower rear motor mounts (is that what they're called?), painted (cleared?) the air boxes, and swapped in a chrome rear fender (from what I assume is a TR6? maybe?). (It looks like they also did the forks with shiny silver paint; i'm hoping i can just strip it and buff it back down to the buffed aluminum). I'd love to trade this stuff to someone who wants it, but will otherwise do what I can to get it back to black or, for the fender, the color I end using for the tank. Anyone who wants to swap for chrome should just let me know.

From there, some more minor stuff. Someone painted the front hub(?):

There's a problem with the seat hinge setup - the brackets in the seat pan don't line up with the hooks on the frame - the front hook on the frame is about 4 inches rear of where the seat bracket meets, so someone used a hose clamp to attach a bolt horizontally to the frame rail, with a nut as a spacer, in the 'right' place to attach the seat... not sure what to do about that (probably get the right seat):

And I'm choosing to ignore this for the time being:
If you had a hole in your crankcase, wouldn't you bolt a soup can lid over it with some gasket maker and hope for the best? I have no clue what this is. Just inboard of the left footpeg...
All in all, though, the chrome looks pretty clean, and I'm mostly excited to find lots more good news and cheap fixes as I proceed.
So, in the meantime, any takers on chrome pieces? And any thoughts on that soupcan hole-plug? And how to straighten a center stand?

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