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If the stealership did the inservice like they're SUPPOSED to do,which BTW,many dealerships charge extra for on delivery but don't do,GRRRRRR!! ,then a lot of these problems would be caught right off the bat instead of the poor customer being aggravated by em when he or she is on the road a million miles from home.Most embarrassing.When I bought my new Bird,I warned the guy about doin the inservice and doing it right,and told him I was gonna go thru it when I got it home.He assured me that it would be done right.Well guess what??They did NOT do it right and they HEARD about it the following week and I wasn't laughing when I walked thru that door.But I believe that I did get my point across.Now whether they got the point or not remains to be seen.I just know that when i walk thru the door,it's like a different place.

So my point is that a lot of these problems would not occur if the dealership did the inservice like they're supposed to do.Unfortunately,the same problem exists on most of the motorcycle dealers,no matter which make or model ya buy.Dave!!!
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