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What I do to prevent premature rotor wear is make sure the pads are not hangin up in the other words,with the wheel off the floor just enough to rotate it,apply the brake and release the wheel turns hard then your caliper is hangin up which will indeed wear and score the rotor.The other thing i do is to blow the calipers out with air atleast once a week.That brake dust can do a job on the rotors too.If ya don't have air,use a garden hose directing the spray right at the top of the caliper to wash that dust down and out of there.After ya do that,drive the bike slowly and apply the brake a few times to dry the pads out.On my previous machine,i replaced three rear brake rotors in almost 200,000 miles which isn't bad considering the mileage and weight of the RSV.I just kept doing what I just described and it paid off. Dave!!!
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