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Scored rear brake disc

Has anyone had a problem with the rear disc? I replaced rear tire at 6800 miles (still had some left but wanted new for this time of year). Tech told me my rear pads were getting thin so I replaced them. Started thinking...I don't use the rear brake that much and 6800 is really early for needing pads replaced. Checked the disc and it has a deep scoring all around. Rub it and it feels like the whole disc where contact to pads has fairly deep score lines. No wonder the pads got eaten up. Shop checked the caliper and said all is in spec. They talked to warranty rep and he said I probably rode the brake pedal. That is BS. I have had a couple of issues with the ECU and the coolant leak and the O-ring issue with the fuel injection. I have an early build and it seems like I got all the issues on this one bike but I never saw anything like the rear brake...Anyone?
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