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Originally Posted by trbird View Post
I guess they are still researching. Peter did call me back later in the day and told me to take it and have the unit replaced. He said he wasn't very confident that it would be a long term fix. He said that they suspected heat and I explained that it messed up even when it was cold. Then he said, and it makes sense, that once it gets so hot the damage is permanent and will be prone to more frequent failures. Anyway I'm glad they're doing something because to me it's not just an inconveinience, it's a safety issue. I'm going to have the thermostat housing leak corrected at the same time.
I could see this. It does seem to get progressively worse as time goes by. Mine certainly did.

The first time it happened for me was on a very hot day, with the sun beating down from pretty much directly overhead. For the next month or so it seemed to do this each time I went riding in direct sunlight around the middle of the day. By the time I got it replaced, it didn't seem to matter when I rode the bike so long as it was warm out. Cold days it had less issue.

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