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Originally Posted by trbird View Post
Thank you and no, they haven't ordered anything. -I have complained to my dealer about this since late May and they keep blowing me off saying that "Triumph still hasn't came up with a fix yet." and they keep telling me that "We really have a hard time getting ahold of Triumph" and "Triumph dosen't get too excited about anything" I'm starting to think my dealer is jerking me around more than the company itself. As my speedo goes, I must have got a real bad one because it has gotten progressively worse and now is screwed up more of the time than it's not. In fact it seldom works correctly. I recently got a warning ticket going 78mph in a 70 zone. My speedometer was reading about 45mph at the time which I knew was incorrect. Perhaps my frustration should be directed more at the dealer than Triumph itself.
I wonder if you dealer has even tried to order a new speedo as a warranty repair or is just "assuming" that Triumph won't replace it until they have a new part.

This is a long thread so I didn't go back a read it, but what about the rest of you with bad speedometers - has your dealer replaced them?

I suspect that Triumph knows they have an issue, but hasn't figured out the cause yet and/or doesn't have the new part ready and, therefore, isn't thrilled about replacing these, but I assumed that anyone that goes into a dealer and asks for a working speedometer is getting one.

I would call customer service in Georgia - (678) 854-2010, extension 2064. When my saddlebags never came in last year I called and talked with Peter and found out that Triumph had rejected the entire first lot from the supplier. I still didn't have my bags, but at least I knew why and I appreciated Triumph rejecting the bad parts.

Maybe you will find out whats going on with this issue and if they tell you a new part is around the corner, then wait, otherwise tell them you can't run around on a bike not knowing the speed and get them to send out a new one.
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