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Originally Posted by engage View Post
That would be quite different, but I would not expect them to stop production for a minor leak or even a sticky speedometer ... unless they don't care about staying in business.

What I would expect, however (and maybe this is the real issue for you) is for them to replace the sticking units in the meantime. If the speedo sticks its obviously a bad part. If Triumph doesn't feel ready to announce to the world that they have a problem with a significant number of speedometers, fine, but they need to find you one that works. What is your dealer saying to you? Have they ordered a new unit for you?
Thank you and no, they haven't ordered anything. -I have complained to my dealer about this since late May and they keep blowing me off saying that "Triumph still hasn't came up with a fix yet." and they keep telling me that "We really have a hard time getting ahold of Triumph" and "Triumph dosen't get too excited about anything" I'm starting to think my dealer is jerking me around more than the company itself. As my speedo goes, I must have got a real bad one because it has gotten progressively worse and now is screwed up more of the time than it's not. In fact it seldom works correctly. I recently got a warning ticket going 78mph in a 70 zone. My speedometer was reading about 45mph at the time which I knew was incorrect. Perhaps my frustration should be directed more at the dealer than Triumph itself.
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