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Originally Posted by trbird View Post
engage - Dude- What planet are you from... what if the engines were blowing up and they were still selling them, would you say "don't worry, it's only happening to a small percent and if they ever figure it out, they will fix it - so go ahead and buy the bike anyway... The odds may be in your favor. NOT A NOBLE BUSINESS PRACTICE. COME CLEAN, QUIT HIDING AND RECALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm from the same planet as you are, but I also understand that these things can take time to figure out. Look, I don't work for Triumph, and perhaps they are holding back, we don't know. My only point is that I do understand how hard it can be to nail these things.

Look at this thread. Some folks were thinking it was temperature related. Then K12 got this idea that its the sun shining on the speedo pin. And for me, my speedometer works fine and I ride in hot, cold, rain, sun, and clouds.

Consider the coolant leak. They have engineered a new thermostat housing, but it took awhile. First, they manufactured and distributed a lot of bikes before they got into our hands. Second, the problem didn't show up from mile one for most of us. Then the dealers start fiddling with them trying to figure out what the cause is. This issue probably didn't get to Triumph Engineering for a few months. Then they figured it out, engineered a new thermostat housing, but while this was happening, they were, for obvious reasons, continuing to build bikes, so more bikes go out with the issue.

Also consider that Triumph is a boutique bike builder - they don't make anywhere near the quantity of a car manufacturer or even many of the bigger bike companies like HD, Honda, etc. This means that the determination that an issue is a design flaw can take longer.

If you want to be pissed at Triumph, no problem. I'm not trying to argue with you or convince you otherwise, but this is a forum where people weigh in on things like this. You gave you side, here's mine. The rest of the folks can draw their own conclusion and weigh in if they fell inclined.
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