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Originally Posted by engage View Post
OK, but how many bikes have this problem? Certainly a good number, but I suspect that majority of the bikes don't. So, perhaps none of their test bikes exhibited this issue. Or maybe one did, which might cause them to believe it was just a bad component, not a design flaw.

Now they know it is an issue, which is why they asked for K12's speedometer, but even tho there are several birds on the showroom floor that have this problem, doesn't mean they know the cause. Sounds like they are working on it now, but understandably, it might take some time to figure out and when they do, they'll work with the supplier to engineer a fix (read more time) and then that new component will go into manufacturing - new drawings, QA tests, manufacturing procedures (read more time) and then that component will be sent to distribution centers (more time).

Its just the way it is.
I understand - You work for John Bloor, I thought he was a more noble man than that. Long term success is not acheived through deception- only honesty and integrity can do that. What about the coolant leak?? Every T-bird that I know of has the problem. They will fix it, but only after you buy the bike. If I wanted greed, deception and no assurance of quality I would have bought a H-D. I suppose you're ok with driving a runaway Toyota! Good day!
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