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Originally Posted by Wells View Post
Got the bike back from the dealer last night.

Their story is that Triumph has never heard of this problem before, which is obviously a complete load of BS. I don't know whether I should believe these guys and that Triumph is lying through their teeth, or think that the dealership is full of it. I am 50-50 at this point on which of these is true. Heck, this is the dealership that, when going over the bike with me, told me that it doesn't have auto-canceling turn signals.

Anyway, the kid that worked on my bike is actually a good guy, and knows his stuff. He pulled the unit apart, completely disassembled as far as he could what was there, noted that there was a ton of dielectric grease in the connections between the speedo and the cabling, and that a couple of the connections appeared to not be fully connected... sort of half-way into their sockets. This is a good thing, I figure, as it may actually have been the problem.

I guess I will just have to wait and see.
I feel your pain, I really like the bike but why all of the deception? They tell you they have never heard of the problem-Well They have heard it from me! As with the coolant leakage. Have you experienced that one? They claim they have a cure for the coolant but nothing on the speedo yet, but they are still selling the bikes to unsuspecting clients. This is not a noble business practice. I hate to see them drive another bird into extinction but...... I have never seen deception followed by long-term success. Only honesty and integrity can do that for them!! Triumph needs to come clean on this one!!!
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