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Originally Posted by Wells View Post
Speaking of plugs (and this probably should be a separate post, but oh well), has anyone else had issues where, if they go through a good amount of silty sand (construction areas, etc.) the blown up silt and dust tends to collect in that crevice that has the oil fill plug?

This is bloody annoying to me, because I know that I will have to be damned sure every single bit of dirt, dust, and grit is out of that area when it comes time to check/fill the oil.
I am with you on this as with all of your posts. What were they thinking, putting the dipstick at a low point. It needs some sort of a standpipe because I won't even check the oil without washing or blowing out the area with a compressor. I bought the chrome logo dipstick just before I took a Colorado trip and it turned out to have a pit in the o-ring and blew oil down the side of the bike but I still didn't pull the plug because of the sand and grit around it.
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