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Originally Posted by k12techman View Post
I only really had the problem when the sun was high in the sky. In July, at my latitude, time of day was between 11:45am and 2:45pm. If the speedo's chrome dome bling part (yep, that's the technical term) was left in full sun, the speedo stuck.

I think, between the glass cover on the whole face and that little chrome dome piece, it was lensing the sun's rays onto the speedo spindle making it swell up and stick. As long as I kept the damn thing in the shadow of the putty circle, it quit sticking.
Interesting. Now that I think back on it, this was pretty much the case with me as well. It only seemed to happen when the sun was high in the sky shining down on top of the speedo.

I even tried covering it up when I parked it for lunch, and when I got back it was fine. I think you may very well be onto something there. Now, if only Triumph does the right testing and finds that this is the problem, I figure they will be able to setup a fix in manufacturing pretty easily.

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