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A number of people have had various starting issues that were rectified with a change to the tors map, many of whom are NOT running tors, so who are. Mine had a hot starting issue. If the bike was warm it would not hold idle and just die unless i blipped the throttle a couple times. TORs tune fixed it 100%. You might at least have them load the TORs tune as a test and if that cures it you know it's a issue with the stock map. Someone recently mentioned a problem with a stock R3 map that had a fuel setting that was way off when the engine was at a certain temp. so there are triumph maps that are wacky i guess. I don't know if this is a issue with certain maps or if they get corrupted or what. All i know is many starting issues were cured by changing to the tors map on the Tbird, so that may be the place your dealer should look at.

Originally Posted by Raptavio View Post
So my poor Bird's in the shop because it doesn't start easy. Sometimes it turns over fine, sometimes it starts and dies unless I open the throttle for a moment, and once in a while it just cranks and won't turn over for a while.

It's in the shop, they're talking with Triumph, they know about the "let it run for twelve minutes" trick, and they want to run a leak test to try to figure this out, but it requires replacing the oil gasket and they don't have a new gasket in stock, neither does the other Triumph dealer in the stake.

So my month and a half old Bird with a mere eleven hundred miles on it won't start easy, the dealer nor Triumph can yet figure out why, and I have to wait until a new gasket comes in to hope to get it fixed (and that could be more than a week).

Has anyone else had a starting problem this annoying?

OK, it's not the STARTER itself, sorry -- my bad. It's something with the engine and/or timing.
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