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Originally Posted by dizdog View Post
Triumph off road tuning downloads. It took me a while to cipher that one, I tell you what.

Correction please, TOR's = Triumph Off-Road; as in "closed coarse" (not trail riding either); as the pipes do not meet certain noise and EPA polution requirements in some states. It is a Triumph accessory description for the louder (less restrictive) pipes.

The "down load" is the introduction of a different computer program to the ECU (engine management system) to accomodate a leaner mixture caused by de-restricting exhaust pipes and/or allowing it to breathe better with competition air filters. In summary; when you buy TOR Pipes, you also have to get the $40.00 download programed into your bike via the plug under the left side body cover.

Years ago, I thought it meant "tit obsessed retard". I then understood who I really was. Thank you Triumph!

Buy as many bikes as you can before you die, and try to live!

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