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Sticking Speedo and Hot Weather

Went for an extended ride over the last 4 days and discovered the sticking speedo problem. Suckola.

The problem: Sticking speedometer on 2010 Thunderbird 1700 w/ ABS brakes and a MPH speedometer.

Symptoms: Generally occur when it's hot outside and the sun is high in the sky. Haven't seen it happen when it's cooler out (below 90F), the sun is low in the sky and/or at night. Speedometer appears to just randomly stick at different speeds. Sometimes tapping on the glass makes it move, but eventually, it sticks solid at an indicated speed and won't move until I turn the bike off and back on. If it's still hot out, the speedo only works for a bit and then sticks again. None of the other gauges in the cluster appear to be effected. Tach works all the time and LCD display works correctly as far as I can tell.

It does not seem to impact the engine running or anything else. The only thing I've noticed in that department is that, when the bike it hot, it sometimes starts and dies. Upon restart and revving the engine a little, this problem goes away.

Occasionally, when I first turn the bike on, it makes an unusually "snarling" sound in the electronics. Usually, there's a smooth "whine" sound for a few seconds and then the bike will start. Once in awhile, I get this distorted sound but the bike does go ahead and start.

I have an appointment to take it in on Thursday to have it checked out. Sounds like we're all in the same boat in that there doesn't seem to be a real fix yet. I'll post what I find out.

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