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Bike Bandit shows different part numbers for the gauges for ABS vs. non ABS bikes and MPH vs kPH. Mine has a ABS/MPH gauge. Is this specific to ABS/MPH bikes, or are other combinations having the same problem?

Interesting about turning the key off while moving and having the gauge change to a new base speed when turned back on. I am curious if the logic in the gauge assumes that at power up the bike is not moving and the needle is at the 0MPH mark already (instead of rotating it back to be sure) and then adding the speed being read to this position. I wonder if while the gauge has lost power (or some other connection) while the bike is in motion if the speed stays where it was last registered until the connection is restored. If true, this would support the poor connector theory. Dealer said today that they have had another bike do this that was solved by re-seating the connector under the cover on the top of the tank. I have not checked this on my bike yet.
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