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Originally Posted by renotbird View Post
So, I'm a new T-Bird owner and yesterday it seems my T-Bird also started experiencing the sticky speedo issues. I have 241 miles on my bike and on my way to work I noticed the speedo stuck at 65 mph. When I left work last night and put the key in, it seemed to reset the speedo. However, after riding down the street, it started sticking again. On my way home it seemed to work on and off finally working for the last few miles. This is very frustrating reading many other bird owners experiencing the same problem with really no idea from Triumph the problem or fix! When I called my local dealer, they had only seen this issue on one of the Demo bikes a few weeks ago. What's even more frustrating is I reviewed so many bikes and ultimately went with the T-Bird which I love, but this is definitely a buzz kill....

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Don't get discouraged, you've got a great bike with some new model teething problem. My dealer replaced mine at 106 miles, it has been working fine since. However, in 1996 Triumph had to replace three sets of speedo & tachs before the problem was finally fixed. But it was fixed under warranty. That was my first T-Bird (885) - I kept the bike for 10 years and 36,000 miles with no other problems.

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