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They were never in the USA site for some reason. I first heard it was because they would not be available here. But they are. Either that or i'm hallucinating the ones that are one mine right now. Anyways, i called triumph usa and they then told me they are indeed available so i had my dealer order them. Never take what you see (or don't see) on the triumph websiate as's always inaccurate on many things and triumph is ULTRA slow in fixing those things, so i'm not surprised it still doesn't show them. If you visit the UK version of the site and probably most other you'll see them tho.

By the way, thunderbikes offers a different version of the Tbars that had i known about when i bought mine i would have bought instead. the Tbars from triumph are both lower and further back, which i have come to get used to but still wish it were the same as stock bars. Well, the thunderbike ones ARE. However, they are also a lot more expensive. But if you like me prefer the bars in this different position it's one way you can go. they are also slightly thicker by 1/4". 1.5" compared to the triumph ones at 1.25". I measured mine with a digi caliper so regardless of what triumph may say they are NOT 1.5" like the thunderbikes say they are. Then again i could have sworn triumph has stated theirs are 1.5" before, so Thunderbikes could be wrong too, who knows. Anyways, wish i'd had bought the thunderbike ones instead. In fact, i may be willing to sell mine if the price is right. The thunderbikes are about $130 more so i don't ant to take to big a bath on them, but if anyone wants to make an offer i'll consider it.

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