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Keep in mind there are a lot of factors involved such as riding style, load (solo, 2-up), etc... I'm not a very big guy (150 lbs), ride solo 95% of the time and ride "sedately" (to use dazco's term) 95% of the time. I just went over 3K on my T-Bird and the tires look great. I fully expect to get at least 10K out of them easily. My Tiger 1050 has 4600 miles on it and the tires (Michelin Pilots) on it look great too.

I had a Heritage Softail years ago and would get 14K or so out of the rear and 25K or so out of the rear.

FTR, I replace tires when they get to the wear bars so I'm not talking about wearing down to the point of having a slick.


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