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Just happy to be here...

Photo of Thuxton in 3/10 Cycle World started me drooling, which is bad at my age.

Got my first bike in '68, weeks after getting married, a used 50cc Honda that groaned when we went up even the slightest hill. Replaced within months by a used 305 Scrambler ("I promise to never buy a bigger bike dear"), replaced in '69 with a new CB450 ("You ought to have that new Honda you've been looking at"), which I promptly painted BRG and added Dunstall Decibel silencers (my "Japanese Brit-bike").

Less that a year later that was gone and I was on a Norton P11A (On our first ride I'm told "We've GOT to get one of these" after traveling less than 100 yards...nothing like a little torque and a throaty exhaust to warm the heart). Put the Dunstalls on, Clubmans, painted that BRG too after the red faded, added cafe bits. My commuter for many years.

Still have the same bike (and the same wife).She bought me a VFR on Mother's Day '98 because it would be "newer and safer"! My preferred mode of transport ever since.

Until I saw that picture in CW recently...I went to see the Thruxton last week, convinced it would be too small for me.

It isn't.

She insists I need it...can you believe it?

I'm testing one next week, black of course. I know I'll hate it...

...but just in case, I've invested a dozen hours gleaning info from this great forum, grinding over which silencers to add. Most likely the Dunstall reps for old times' sake.

We'll see what happens...
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