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John Falconer
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Originally Posted by blastter View Post
Howdy John, interesting story. I'm a newbie, have a 66'T120TT Streetable, moved from Walnut Creek 8 years ago to Bishop, Ca.
My bike is presently at Rabers Motorcycles in San Jose for a complete rebuild- best place around for maintenance and repair. Lucky's the mechanic, and the best.
I'll be picking the bike up in about 2 weeks.
Looks like you gotta lotta fun to look forward to with yours.
Bishop is a beautiful location for riding - easy to hit the desert and easy to hit the mountains. I especially like riding up past Lone Pine and into the Sierra from there. It may be a couple of years before I get the TT back in shape - I also have 4 BMWs and work full time. I think restoring the Triumph may be a "retirement present" to myself.
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