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Hi from We(s)t Wales....


I'm not a Triumph owner yet, but hopefully next year - just the small matter of passing my test! Have just taken my CBT after being away from bikes for well over 25 years.....

I nearly bought a Saint when I was a teenager in the 80's, had my test booked but then the recession kicked in, I was put out of work, so those plans went out of the window. Now, as a 47 yr old, I have the desire to correct that regret! I quite like the looks of the Adventurer/Legend bikes, so I'll probably work towards getting one of those.

Anyway I thought I'd join up now for a few reasons - researching the right bike for me, obviously, but also looking for really nice Triumph pictures, which (with the owners permission) I may indulge my other passion, which is painting.

I used to do very twee village/church landscapes and pet portraits in a very realistic style. I'm currently halfway through a painting of a Pioneer Nevada (cheap chinese bike which I'll be riding until I have the confidence back to pass my test) and it turns out that my photo-realistic style is very suited to motorbikes. I would like to paint more, with a view to funding my future bike habit with sales of originals and prints!

These do take a long time though, I typically spend over 100 hours on a painting.

That's it for now, hope to get to know you all better!
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