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or Yet Another Prey Item

That's how I feel anyway, because this newly aquired 97 Tigger of mine is killing me.

Hi my name is Bruce, and I am restoring a 97 Tiger 900 that has been rotting in a damp barn for 10 years, neither ridden nor moved. It's a total basket case, but is proving to be an interesting project. On what engineering principle these bikes were designed on completely elludes me. I'll have to post the pics up somewhere and give a running report, because this task to date has been hilarious. Suffice it to say I have had to literally cut the engine out of the frame. Even the ignition barrel had seized. Why am I doing this? To teach my boy really, its fun time together. Why am I here? Well, after cutting everything away, perhaps I was too hasty on the front sprocket nut. After bending a torque bar trying to undo it I surmised it had also rusted on to whipped out the grinder again. Turns out it was just fine, but on a bit tight. I see here it's meant to be a bit bust a gut and pop a hernia tight....well my tools cost more than a nut, so perhaps a grinder was the best call after all. Any way. Seeing as I will be robbing you of some wisdom, I thought it polite to give something back. Whether that be a laugh at my folly or lessons learnt along the way....who knows. But it is nice to be here.

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