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New Bonnie picked up last night..

After 5 hours spent at a very busy dealership, I went home with a leftover black '09 SE that had some demo miles on it for a good price and a bunch of new gear, too. This is my first motorcycle.

I took the MSF:BRC two weeks ago and other than about 30 miles on a 50cc scooter, had never ridden a motorcycle on the street until I rode the demo yesterday. I also tried out a BMW G650GS.. nice bike, but the Bonnie had me from the start.

Dropped her this morning turning around in my buddie's driveway. Scuffed up the mirror and broke a front turn signal lens. Oh well, at least they were parts I was already planning to replace, and I got a good lesson out of it, too.

Oh, a little more about myself... I've been a car geek for years.. but recently realized that my desire for fast cars has a higher budget ceiling than I am comfortable with. I currently own an '08 Subaru STI that I've autocrossed and tracked. It's a great car.. but it's boring to drive down the road while keeping my license intact. Some people can get off on the ego trip of driving a capable performance car at legal speeds.. but I like the thrill of speed.. and my mostly clear driving record and nearly empty wallet are winning out. I'm selling the STI now. It will never be as much fun to travel around in as the bike is to travel on.. and the bike is just as fast in a straight line. I like that the Bonneville is just as much fun tooling along at 10mph under the limit as it is with the throttle pegged. I'm a fairly chilled out guy, so I really like the chilled out attitude the Bonnie exudes.

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