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Hayseed First-timer from the cradle of Texas liberty

Why am I here? I traded a strong-running-but-ugly 32 year-old 1978 Big 10 with a 4bbl 454 for a motorsickle, mainly because I needed room in the driveway for a long-since departed mean Texas woman's car, but also because I didn't want to spend another $5000 prettying it up. So, I ended up with a 42 year-old British motorbike that doesn't run at all. Needless to say, I got seriously suckered in the trade, and that made me question my self-worth for a few minutes. In the ensuing nine months since the trade, I've taken everything off the frame, except the engine, and now it sits there in the garage, while I look at it with chimpanzee-like puzzlement. Because, you see, this is the first bike I've ever owned in my overly-long life.

I have a helping hand in the garage, though -- a dude who rebuilt motorcycles for a living and for his personal racing career, who had a leg-shortening wreck, and is now in comparitively-safer field of drag-boat racing. Except, he's gotten too busy building drag-boat engines or Corvettes, to actually provide said helping hand in re-assembling everything. But he does like to talk about doing something with "the Trumpet," while holding down a bar stool and killing Miller Lites by the six-pack.

One last thing -- the truck apparently got used in the commission of a crime, as I recently received notice that it was impounded by the San Antonio police. I would bet cash money that the Triumph 650 sitting in my garage, with the 68 frame and the 71 engine and the Bonneville gas tank and no battery and no chain and no gaskets and no clutch is most likely hotter than a $2 pistol, too.

Yeah, I'm a's the only word (moron, perhaps?). So, when I ask my idiot questions, you (if you read this) may feel free to flame away, because really, you couldn't say anything that I haven't already said to myself 1000 times.
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