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We've already been thru this at "that other place" and the issue was solved a ways back. It is not misalignment, and it's not usually tight from the factory, tho i'm not saying that can't happen too. But the majority found thiers were loose and tightening it eliminated the noise. However, a "whomp whomp" noise is nothing anyone else has reported. Many reported a chirping noise, and that is indeed a loose belt. i tightened mine and it started again a couple weeks later very slightly. i then tightened it once more and it's been quiet since which was several 1000 miles ago. I called gates, the manufacturer of the belt system and also talked to a couple triumph mechs and some harley guys, who as you know all use belts drives now. the general consensus is that the belt SHOULD rest against one side or the other. Or not so much that it "should", but that It is usually not even possible to make it ride in the middle for long. So the belt riding against one of the side flanges is perfectly normal. As to adjustment, theres a tool but you can do it just fine w/o it. Theres even a little adjustment hole on the lower belt guard that you can see if you get down low and look. The best was to me at least is push up on the belt 1/2 way between the rear and front pulleys and it should only move if i recall 3/4" with 10 Lbs of pressure. Knowing what 10 Lbs of weight feels like you can judge it just fine. But that whomp whomp sound i have no idea unless yours just sounds a bit different. Possibly it's from being too tight, but more than likely i'd bet super loose, more so than anyone so far has had thiers.
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