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Originally Posted by BullClark View Post
Is anyone having a problem wth noise from the final drive belt and sprocket area ? At about 25 MPH there is a definite " whomp , whomp whomp " noise. The dealer can't fix it and says the two other T'Birds he has on the showroom will make the same sounds. He wants me to just live with it but that is not going to happen. Only 446 miles on it .
They do make a different noise. But, I found mine very, very tight from the factory. Loosened it up a bit and everything's rosy now.

The belt also needs alignment between the pulley side rims. I adjust mine on a lift in the garage with the engine in third gear. Just be careful with the pinkies close to a rotating wheel.

BTW, really tight is probably hard on the rear bearings and the drive shaft bearing as well. This is my second belt drive so I learned a little from the first.


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