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They should be as close to the same as you can get them. The thing is, on some bikes they arent very accurate and when the wheel is perfectly aligned the marks will be a bit off from each other. whether that is the case on this bike remains to be seen till someone aligns the wheel with a known accurate method then checks the marks to see if they coincide. If you want to line them up just tighten the side that it takes to get them the same as long as it's not too tight. however, that you will have to decide for yourself. I push on the belt and determine by feel how close i am to 10 Lbs of pressure. If you have a 10 Lb weight balance it on your index finger and see what it feels like to give you an idea of how much pressure you should feel on the belt for 10 Lbs. I left mine what i feel is easily looser than it's supposed to be, but thats not an issue as long as the chirp is gone, which i think is a great built in alarm to tell you when it's too loose.

By the way, the Tbird's adjusters are extremely high quality compared to the type that the bonnies and variants have, so they are probably much more precise. So i'd go by them until someone proves differently.
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