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Funny, I was just coming back to ask you the same thing. If I had to take a guess, it looks to be about 22mm...maybe 24mm. If anyone knows the size and torque spec for sure, please post. I too need to go buy some tools.

Originally Posted by dazco View Post
If i recall it was in the neighborhood of 80 Ft Lbs, (59 Nm) but i would have been more likely to remember had i torqued it.....i didn't have the right size socket. I looked at at the spec before i saw i didn't have a socket so i DID see what it was. So i had to use a monkey wrench. But i'm pretty sure it was in the 80's....88 (64 Nm) seems to ring a bell. by the way, i like to use Ft Lbs vs Nm just because i'm used to that so i wrote all the Ft Lb equivilents next to the Mn specs in the manual using a program called "convert".

Now for MY question.....anyone know what size that nut is? I assume it must be in the manual but thought i'd ask so i might pick one up today at lunch.
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