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Yep, as OKCTriple said his dealer told him on his service the other day, the chirp is indeed a loose belt. How can I be sure? I tightened mine and it was chirping like mad till i did that. After: ZERO CHIRP.

As his dealer told him they are supposed to be quite tight. 10 Lbs of pressure against the belt is supposed to only move it 1/4" I checked mine and i move it a full inch with my finger using what i would estimate was at most a couple pounds if that. So thats pretty dang loose. In fact, i think they all came quite loose and mine loosened up even more as i'm sure everyone's has. The dealers don't normally work on belts unless thier mechanics have been harley mechs in the past or some other belt driven brand. So i'm betting they don't know much.

Theres also a little gauge built into the lower belt guard. Look at OKCTriple's post in the tech section and i think it was mustang who posted some pics of it. Sorry if i got the wrong guy, but i think it was mustang.
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