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T140E Wiring Harness Part Number

Hi guys,

I'm moving across to multiple threads...normally I hang out in the Sports Touring as I have a Sprint ST 1050.

Just purchased a T140E and am starting to get the gear organized for a rebuild.

I've ordered a shop and parts manual from the USA (I'm in Australia). But noticed a wiring harness kit on ebay and Im not sure if it will suit the T140E I purchased. Plus the google searches are not coming up with a definite answer.

According to the engine and frame number (matching) the bike was built in October 1979. Seem there is some confusion (on my part) on exactly when the T140E was built, some have them from 1978 til 1980...I think its late 1979/80 the T140E was built for the USA market...???

The part number on ebay is 54962258, but I found another web site which mentions part # 05-54965505C.

The part manual will most likely be a week or two away from delivery, but would like to grab the one off ebay if its suitable.

Did a quick search on the threads and did not find any conclusive information on wiring harness part numbers.

Any clues....?

Here is a picture of the new addition with the Sprint.

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