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About Mike Seate and the cafe scene....

"Jap machines have no character or soul", Mike Seate in Iron Horse #100. ""Old bikes belong in a museum and not on the road", Mike Seate, Iron Works magazine, November 1996, at the time he was riding a Yamaha and gave up on his Triton project....


I have been around motorcycles my whole life. In the late fifties and early sixties my father was a dealer/racer of British motorcycles. He had a great time riding and racing them and his small shop helped finance his bikes and fun. So when I learned to walk I was in his shop looking at and playing with bike parts and tools. We always had a mini-bike or some small motorcycle to ride through the woods as kids, and after high-school I immediately bought a Bultaco, then a series of old British bikes which at this time thirty years ago were $100 items if they needed work. I got a Norton for my first streetbike and never rode anything else except for the one summer I rode an xr750.

I of course always read bike magazines, and in the eighties I started buying Iron Horse magazine becasue it regularly featured British, antique and other special-interest motorcycles, it was a very open-minded and smart magazine. It's then-editor David Snow was a real human being, he was an artist and he was really smart. Throughout his stay with the magazine he took it from nothing to possibly being the best motorcycle magazine in North America. He was with IH for about ten years when he walked away leaving the magazine to fall into the hands of the greedy and trendy who quickly drove it into the ground, it was never the same again.

Mike Seate got his start in motorcycle journalism with Iron Horse during it's time at the top. Mike was introduced to the IH readership in issue #100 where he is quoted directly saying that "Jap machines have no character or soul", that's right, did you all here with "Jap" bikes get that?

Mike was never paid a dime by IH, he was not employed by them, he just hung out there and contributed a few sporadic, usually bad articles for it over a period of three years. Mostly his articles were not about motorcycles but the "scene", a rally and he even did a piece on a Presidential election. The reason Mike did not write about motorcycles that much was obvious to the Iron Horse readers, it was because he Did Not Know anything about them and did not have any real history with them other than using them as one more pop-cliche to slather on himself in an attempt to be some sort of cool.

Mike had a Sportster when he first appeared in Iron Horse, which he admitted and was often seen not running or breaking down as it was not around anyone who knew anything about working on it. Soon Mike picked up a Harley Shovelhead which also did not run worth a dime. the IH staff took this bike under their wing and had it completely re-done at no expense to Mike, even having the best Harley mechanic in N.Y.C. rebuild it's engine.

How did Mike repay his "friends" that got him up on two dependable wheels? He repaid them by shortly thereafter telling them he no longer wanted anything to do with them as after his bike was re-done he suddenly did not agree with the philosophical stance of the magazine any more. What was actually happening was that he was in the process of parlaying his "volunteer" work at Iron Horse magazine into a steady paying job at Iron Works magazine by LYING about his past, because at this time he claimed publicly on the Iron Works website to have "worked" at Iron Horse for eight years!

As soon as Seate started working for Iron Works, on the front of their magazine they started claiming they were "The Thinking Man's Harley Magazine". This is why they hired Seate who knew nothing about Harleys? Even more hysterically, Mike sold his Harley that the Iron Horse refurbished for him for a LOT more than he payed for it, then he bought a YAMAHA FJ1100, that's right one of those bikes with no character or soul, and proceeded to write a big article for Iron Works justifying why he could write articles about Harleys, be pictured sitting on a Harley at the top of his monthly column in an ALL Harley magazine, while owning and riding a Japanese bike.

A typical Mike Seate article was his review of a new Harley in Iron Works where he stated that he had "never rode an older Glide" when in fact his Harley which the IH staff had fixed for him was, a 73' Glide, Seate is not even aware of what he was riding!

Mike Seat said "Old bikes belong in museums and not on the road" because he had attempted to build a Triton and failed, again writing a feature on how it was not his lack of ability and knowledge that kept the Triton from being assemled and reliable, but it was simply because it was impossible to do this with an "old" bike.

So Mike went and pandered to Iron Horse when it profited and benefited him, then he went and lied to Iron Works about his past and parlayed it into a paying job, and on his way he would say anthing, lie and contradict himself and his actions whenever it would get him ahead.

The two quotes above are enough to make anyone wonder why Seate would enter the Cafe Bike scene, as it is currently rooted in not only OLD bikes, but Japanese products at that.

Well you certainly will not wonder why Mike Seate is here if you KNOW Mike Seate and have followed his antics over the years.

I love bikes and all people who enjoy motorcycling. Mike Seate is a horrible cancer to the world of motorcycling. The disinformation he has spouted in motorcycling periodicals and books, the contribution he has made into whoring the sport to pop hipsters, is damage that I can only hope will turn back and eat him alive someday.

Seate slathers himself with every pop-culture cliche, latches onto any part of life that is real and turns it into a whore-house, bleeding the life out of it for his own personal gain, destroying it, all the while looking for the next victim to walk by that he can ******** into his web of mediocrity…..

And at this point Mike Seate is looking at YOU.....
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On this forum, I think the members are quite capable of forming their own opinions of another member based on his participation here. I haven't seen enough of Mike Seate's opinions, here, to form such an opinion. However, I find myself drawing conclusions concerning Basketcase much more quickly.
Speaking only for myself, when a poster shows up for only his second post bringing a flamethrower with him, I'm inclined to presume he has an agenda.
Basketcase, if you have a pissing match going with someone, like the bartender says, "Take it outside!"
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Effective character assasination but ..... um..... The world is full of people who claim expertise but then fall flat. That famous bloke Stephen E Ambrose once wrote in a Book I bought that until 1944 the British army had not fought on European soil! I didn't read any further I gave the book away. Likewise if Mr Seate is full crap of then maybe I won't read his stuff. I assume this thread is because he now has a TV show. To be honest most of whats on TV nowadays is pretty bad or misinformed. Bottom line I don't really care too much. If Mr Seate likes cafe bikes now and makes a show or two thats OK. If he's a nob thats OK too. Essentially, I'm saying so what? No offense meant like but to put such effort into character assasinations does make me wonder what your agenda is and why you came here to do it?

As for this "cafe scene" Its quite entertaining over here to see you guys rewriting our motorcycling cultural history for us. But we're used to having our history re written (see my comment about Mr Ambrose) Its all funny stuff really and certainly not of such great import that I'd spend so many words posting a pretty personal attack on someone anonymously in a web forum.

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind......Dr Seuss

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Angry Cowardly and Senseless

Nick, Redhawk, Bravo!

I'm going one step further. Your slandering a man for something he may or may not have done to you or others. It's something we don't cater to or need in this family. Most of us here are in the older set. We are intelligent and wise enough to discern the differences in people without your personal skepticism and realize if their initiatives are good or bad, whom ever they are.

You're slandering another individual without proof and in my book shows a much poorer sense of character and humanity. What bothers me more, is you come here with the intent of doing so anonymously, so you don't have to fear reprisal. Have enough guts and integrity to post your full name along with the thread if your going to attempt a character assassination on someone else. If not delete the thread. Now I understand why Triumph Rat places a one hour posting limitation on new members, it's a good thing! Maybe you should have taken the hour to think before you wrote.


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I respect where each of you are coming from, but really, so what? This forum, and every other one like it, is full of opinions. From paint colors to everything else under the sun. I for one found his post interesting; though not so interesting that I'm going to investigate the points made. It seems to be well-informed but that doesn't mean I'm going to take it all as fact and I would suggest the same for everyone else that reads it.

He felt the need to share and get something off his chest. If you don't like it or don't agree then don't reply and with any luck the thread will fade away.

I tried that with a few other threads but some blokes want to keep things like this afloat but at that point, it's all on them.

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Originally Posted by BasketCase1 View Post

I have been around motorcycles my whole life. In the late fifties.....
My motorcycle experience is not dissimilar from yours. I grew up poring through old American and British motorcycle magazines from the 1950's in a house whose basement was cluttered with Rudge and BMW parts. My first big cycle trip at 19 years old was to take a used BSA Rocket 3 on a 4,500mi trip across the eastern US. In the 80's I took a Norton Commando from Boston to Newfoundland and back, and a couple years afterward rode a '54 Velocette MAC 3,000 miles around the UK, Ireland and France. I currently have 14 motorcycles, most of them British.

Had you asked me about Japanese motorcycles 20 years ago, I'd likely have said the same thing as Seate. Things were different then, especially me. Today I have a completely different outlook on Japanese machines. Does that make me a some kind of fraud, too? People change their outlooks. At least the smart ones do. And hanging someone's words regarding cycle kulture from 14 years ago over their heads today is a cheap move, and flat out wrong.

Seate obviously loves bikes. He's doing something really good (and taking a risk) publishing Cafe Racer magazine. He's making a real contribution with his cycle journalism efforts (although I hate his stance on helmet laws). Rather than taking anonymous pot shots at him, you should feel fortunate he's around.

Frankly, guy, you owe Seate an apology.

Steve McDonough
Lynn, Massachusetts
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Originally Posted by Nickwiz View Post
As for this "cafe scene" Its quite entertaining over here to see you guys rewriting our motorcycling cultural history for us.
Its all funny stuff really
Haven't a clue who this Seate geezer is, so i shall move on.



G ; ) .

life's a long song...
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Nothing wrong with old bikes. My 50+ year old Norton is reliable. What's the problem?
If your old bike is not reliable, you haven't fixed it properly. That IS a result of poor wrenching ability. No matter how much you deny it....
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...I think hes a big fella that looks kinda...goofy...on a cafe bike...

I got the DVD and the book as gifts...and for what its worth...enjoy them...

I didnt care much for the show...and I dont see it helping to further any evil means to destroy anything...

Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate...

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I'm not trying to hijack this thread, but since it does pertain to the Cafe Racer episode this week, I have a comment:
Nick, did you notice Billy Joel has a Caspian Blue Thrux?

220, 221; Whatever It Takes!
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