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Motorcycle Picture Game

So I saw this on another forum and thought why not here?....

Here are the rules, lets see if we can keep this going...

Name a place or thing to take a picture with your bike. First person to go out, take, and post the picture picks the next one. Must be a picture taken after the challenge picked. Try not to make it impossible. no photochops. If nobody else gets the picture within 5 days the person that picked it can choose a new one. New challenge must be picked when picture of the last one was posted


1) After 3 days, the person who made the challenge can post their own picture and pick another topic.

2) If a challenge is not met after 5 days a new topic is picked by the previous challenger winner.

3) If a pic is in dispute, it needs 3 yes votes to be accepted.

4) After any comment, please put the current challenge at the bottom so everyone can stay up to date.

5) Pictures must be taken while OFF of the bike.

6) Pictures must be taken AFTER the challenge. Rare exceptions such as pictures taken on the said day BEFORE the challenge may be accepted only by 3 acceptance votes.

7) Cages may be used unstead of our bikes If and ONLY IF there is snow. This allows us riders in the North to continue playing the game. (PS... this is for everyone else that rides all year long )

8) The following types of challenges are not allowed:
action shots
duplicate challenges
illegal challenges

9) If a picture has been posted but a new challenge has not been picked, the current challenge is still active until (a) new challenge has been picked or (b) another rider posts another picture satisfying the challenge and picks a new challenge.
I will start and make it easy to get the game rolling

pic of your bike next to a scooter.

P.S Remember, the intention of this thread is to get people out riding
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Just to give you an idea of whats been done so far, here is what's going on in the forum's version of this thread

1. In garage - Fede RR
2. At gas station - Mirra9112
3. Next to Brick wall - scrappy600
4. Next to burger king - ajaygraci
5. Next to chiropractor's office - WhiteRabbit22
6. At hooters w/ hooters girl - bynummustang
7. At police or sherif office - RRed03
8. Next to road kill - CBR600DoubleR
9. On your bike at the drive-thru getting food at the window - thakurtis
10. Bike posing with a bicycle - Afrobaron
11. Bike with scenic sunset in backround - mixar
12. Bike Next to tracks - 03MachMe
13. Pic with 2 other CBR's that are not yours - LanCo Rider
14. Bike Next to a real Ambulance - jos06rr
15. Bike next to a mountain - VTSteve
16. Bike next to a wooden covered bridge - 06silver600_rr
17. Bike at a white castle - Metallica
18. Bike next to a FREIGHT train - 06silver600_rr
19. Bike next to a recycable container (must be able to read recyclables) - BDT
20. Bike next to a city buss - s10SAS
21. Bike next to a $100,000 or more car - BDT
22. Bike next to a boat (in water or on trailer) - merchominiRR
23. Bike with a professional athletic stadium in the background - xHECKSHER
24. Bike next to an art museum - merchominiRR
25. Bike in front of a wheeping willow tree - jos06rr
26. Bike next to a red barn - DaneL
27. Bike in front of a fastfood restaurant with a cheeseburger on the seat - amidnightproject
28. Bike at the entrance to a ski resort - 06silver600_rr
29. Bike at the entrance to the entrance of a Amusement park - chuguet
30. Bike next to a black audi r8- StealthcrapE
31. Bike next to a Natural body of water - Vince21
32. Bike at golf course - sudsbear
33. Bike at dump/landfill w/garbadge - MXRider
34. Bike under a 3" diameter tree - sudsbear
35. Bike at a heli pad (H must be visible) - merchominiRR
36. Bike with a senior citizen on it (70+) - chuguet
37. Picture with your pet on your bike - sudsbear
38. Picture with a water tower - GREENROCKET
39. Picture with a turtle on the road - LittleOrangeCBR
40. Picture at Buffalo wild wings with Wings on seat - merchominiRR
41. Kickstand on home plate of a baseball diamond - Deezee
42. Bike next to a John Deere tractor"Not a lawnmower" - thakurtis
43- Bike next to a funny street sign - VTSteve
44- Bike next to a twisties sign - Rafiki
45- Bike next to the doors of a grocery/convenience store - sudsbear
46- Bike next to the worlds biggest/largest something must be able to goodle it- hpac13
47- Bike next to high school with year book - sudsbear
48- Bike next to a Can-Am spyder - dadizfoshiz
49- Bike next to a swing in a park - sudsbear
50- Bike next to an armored bank truck - Deezee
51- Bike next to a state sign - Rhyno__1k
52- Bike next to a sail boat - 06Silver600_rr
53- Bike at mini golf course - Jos06rr
54- Bike on a road with no lines in front of an old church - sudsbear
55- Bike next to a yellow fire hydrant - 06_repsol_06
56- Bike with xbox or playstation - sudsbear
57- Bike outside tim hortons with an icecap on the seat - Vince21
58- Bike next to a toyota 4runner - Rafiki
59- Bike with someone with a funny costume on it - sudsbear
60- Bike next to a real castle - -Rizzo-
61- Bike next to a segway - MidnightSpeed
62- Bike next to a "wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man" - thakurtis
63- Bike next to a goat/sheep - Deezee
64- Bike next to a General Lee (the car) - -Rizzo-
65- Bike next to a V8 Motorcycle - FAIL
66- Bike next to a Sonic - sincalirider
67- Bike next to a National Park Sign - NIGHT_STALKER
68- Bike next to a Fire Truck - stexx
69- Bike With 3 Other CBR's - redlinernyc
70- Bike with a pink bike - TBFGhost
71- Picture of your bike with your mom on it - -Rizzo-
72- Bike next to billboard with mother's day saying - TBFGhost
73- Bike with garden figurine - -Rizzo-
74- Bike next to a harley motorcycle - TBFGhost
75- Bike at a GO-GO bar - tenjin
76- Bike at a flying J truck stop - skyline44512
77- Bike next to a black 2010 camaro - R3piKcbr600RR
78- Bike with an american flag - MidnightSpeed
79- Bike at a greyhound buss station - skyline44512
80- Bike next to a school buss - tenjin
81- Bike in front of / by a Windmill of any sorts - TBFGhost
82- Bike in front of a Wal-Mart - skyline44512
83- Bike in a trailer park - TBFGhost
84- Bike in the loading zone of Home Depot - skyline44512
85- Bike inside an automatic car wash - 03MachMe
86- Bike next to a leo in uniform - skyline44512
87- Bike in front of an adult video store - TBFGhost
88- Bike at a chinese food restaurant - skyline44512
89- Bike with a 10 food uhaul truck - TBFGhost
90- Bike at a graveyard - skyline44512
91- Bike near railroad tracks (RAILROAD SIGN MUST BE VISIBLE IN PICTURE) -TBFGhost
92- Bike in a bicycle lane with sign or marking visible - tenjin
93- Bike infront of a gun range! (indoor, or out, must me comercial) - skyline44512
94- Bike at a McDonalds with fries on the seat - tenjin
95- Bike in front of a bingo hall - skyline44512
96- Bike at a gas station with 94 octane pump in the picture - Dutz
97- Bike in front of fire - AdrenalineJunky89
98- Bike next to a heard of longhorns - skyline44512
99- Bike at a freeway rest stop - tenjin
100- Bike with an airplane - skyline44512
101- Bike next to a fork lift - s10SAS
102- Bike next to truck with 40" or more tires - skyline44512
103- Bike with bra over headlights - s10SAS
104- Bike in the bed of a pickup - skyline44512
105- Bike next to a car with spinners (not hubbcaps) - skyline44512
106- Bike in front of a gay bar - ashaf22789
107- Bike with Arbys roast beef sandwich under the kickstand - napvid
108- Bike in front of an Ace hardware store with the purchase of anything for maintenance for your bike - 03MachMe
109- Bike at a dairy queen holding a blizzard upside down over the seat - skyline44512
110- Bike with Sam Adams Noble Pils on the seat - patg8227
111- Bike in front of a pawn shop - 03MachMe
112- Bike next to a real dodge viper - Str8_Lurkin
113- Bike next to a Real Military ship - WhiteRabbit22
114- Bike next to a mansion - Str8_Lurkin
115- Bike in front of a packed night club - FAIL!
116- Bike next to a vending machine- ID_CBRRider
117- Bike next to a "vintage" car. Say pre 1960's - Str8_Lurkin
118- Bike next to your insurance provider building - 03MachMe
119- Bike in front of your cell phone service provider store w/ proff you have that service - NIGHT_STALKER
120- Bike next to you states welcome center sign - BrettRR
121- Bike next to a full sized ronald mcdonald - repsol600
122- Bike next to a National Monument - espy59lc
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pic of your bike with a woman on it (probably real easy to do if you are a female)

“If you think you can do it, or you think you can't do it, You are right.” ~ Henry Ford
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Good idea - I thought this might be phototag, but this is a bit different, and better suited to our worldwide membership. Great idea.

Does it have to be your Triumph? Probably should be, right?
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Before he did it, I'd have said it couldn't be done.
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I think it should be open to any motorcycle, but nothing against stating individual challenges to be for triumphs. IMO.
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Oooooh, this is gonna be fun!

I think it should be Triumphs only, to give one opinion in response to Prop's question.

I won't stop riding because you tell me about someone who died in an accident, just as I won't stop eating because someone died of e.coli.

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well you guys are the mods...i say its your call
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I'd say triumphs only, No specific locations.. (e.g. not bike outside bank in houston, or bike outside erm, harrods) of course stuff like macdonalds (or dealerships) would be okay because they are everywhere.

I mean we could do specific locations but it's gonna cut down on people who can take part.
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Damn! I coulda done the "bike outside bank in Houston" in 5 minutes!

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you see I knew the name had popped into my head for a reason.
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