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Idiot's Guide to Basic Clutch Adjustment

I've been having some issues with my clutch ('77 TR7V) and I wanted to give it the standard adjustment before troubleshooting it further. I have the shop and Haynes manual, but I'm still a little hazy on the details. Can some please fill in some of the blanks for me? I'll start with the directions as posted by daveforty recently (thanks!), which match the instructions in my manual :

Originally Posted by daveforty View Post

Slacken off the cable adjuster on the handlebar lever.
This seems to be adjusted by a bolt which has a curved shape meant to lock it into the handlebar lever base. I'm guessing I turn this clockwise to slacken off on the cable.

Originally Posted by daveforty View Post

Unscrew the rearmost plug in the primary case, you will see a screw with a locknut.
Eh, Primary Case? Is this what the parts manual calls the "chaincase" on the left side of the bike where the gearchange lever is sticking out of? If so, then I'm looking for something under the "inspection plug"?

Originally Posted by daveforty View Post

Slacken off the locknut on the centre screw, (you will need a 1/2" AF offset ring spanner), and turn the screw in until it feels like it has contacted the end of the clutch pushrod i.e. it will start to tighten. Back off the screw by 1/2 a turn and tighten the nut to lock it.

Adjust the cable at the handlebar for a little slack. If the cable adjuster is at the end of its range, there is another adjuster where the cable enters the gearbox.
I believe the second cable adjustment refered to is on the right side, the only cable going into the Gearbox Outer Cover and protected by a rubber sleeve.

Thanks in advance. Once I get this sorted I'll post up something with pretty pictures so the next time someone as clueless as me comes around they can refer to that .

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